LIEFdesign Oh Hey Hi Hello!

LIEFdesign is a hand-crafted design studio that specializes in design, lettering + paper goods. We love to celebrate + delight in the everyday, and strive to be present in the small moments. And when I say we, what I mean to say is: Hi, hello, my name is Emilie and I am the owner + designer here at LIEFdesign. The 'we' to my story is my handsome hubs, who stays up late printing, dreaming + turning stress into joy with his delightful wit.

My designs are rooted in natural + simple aesthetics, with an emphasis in hand lettering + illustration. I work out of my home studio in the lovely city of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The word LIEF (said leaf) comes from the Dutch language, meaning sweet, as an endearment. You might use it when talking about your best friend ("oh she is so LIEF!") or about that gift you received from the person who knows you so well ("what LIEF!"). As the daughter of a Dutch immigrant, this word has held a dear space for me since a young age and has guided the heart behind my work : to create art that aids in naming + cultivating these LIEF moments in our lives + in the world around us.